Daimler has asked the European Commission to issue him a confession

Daimler попросил Еврокомиссию оформить ему явку с повинной

The head of Daimler AG – Mercedes Benz, Dieter Zetsche

The automaker hopes to avoid huge fines.

Carmaker Daimler has offered the European Commission as the main prosecution witness in the investigation relating to alleged cartel agreements in the German automotive industry. About this informed the head of the financial Department of Daimler Bodo Iber in a conference call on Friday, October 20, thus confirming corresponding media reports.

Ebro noted that it is not yet clear, whether the European Commission opened a formal investigation of the case. Currently the trial is in the stage of preliminary investigation.

In Brussels check the fact of a possible cartel agreement between Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen.

Earlier today, allegations of cartel agreements with representatives of the European Commission raided the offices of the German automaker BMW.

Source: Russian service of DW