Danyluk: Russia is not ready to negotiate “debt of Yanukovych”

Данилюк: РФ не готова к переговорам по "долгу Януковича"

Consideration of the claim of the Russian Federation on “debt Yanukovych” will begin in the High court in London in early 2017

Ukraine will defend its position in court, said the Minister of Finance.

Russia’s demand for Ukraine to recognize the sovereign status of a “debt of Yanukovych” in the amount of three billion dollars is evidence of the unwillingness of the Russian side in negotiations about a possible settlement of the situation. This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk in channel 5 on Wednesday evening, October 19.

“The declarations of the Minister of Finance (Russia – ed.) then, in principle, it shows that the Russian side is not willing to negotiate: they expose us to additional conditions, it is their right,” said the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance

At the same time danyluk reminded that Ukraine has an obligation under the programme with the International monetary Fund (IMF) to consult on the possibility of settlement of this debt, and the Ukrainian side will stick to this commitment.

Answering the question whether there is an opportunity to acknowledge the debt bribe Yanukovych for refusing to European integration and to refuse to pay this debt, the Finance Minister said: “This is not just an opportunity – it is our clear position in court, and we prove it. We are now geared to defend our position in court”.

As reported Корреспондент.net, court on “duty of Yanukovych” will be held in London in January. Kiev predicts that the court in debt to Russia may take two years.

Ukraine’s debt to Russia

“It is the duty of Yanukovych,” Kyiv told the court about the pressure of the Russian Federation

Ukraine is ready to negotiations on the “debt of Yanukovych”

Ukraine is ready to pre-trial negotiations on the “debt of Yanukovych,” – the media

Russia is ready to say “debt Yanukovych” to court

The court in January will consider the claim for “duty Yanukovych”

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