Danyluk told when to expect a tranche of the IMF

Данилюк рассказал, когда ждать транш МВФ

Alexander Danilyuk

In the case of fulfillment of terms of cooperation under the program of expanded financing by the International monetary Fund Ukraine can receive the tranche in may.

Ukraine may receive the next tranche of the International monetary Fund (IMF) to two billion dollars in may and June of this year. This was announced by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in an interview to Ukraine.

“We are now on the agenda of a few questions. That includes the adoption of the law establishing the anti-corruption court. This should be a law that can effectively and quickly implement. This is the key,” said the Minister.

In the case of execution of conditions of cooperation in the framework of the eff, Ukraine may receive tranche in may.

Second major condition of the tranche is the liberalization of natural gas prices for the population, as it was a year ago promised the Ukrainian government. The Foundation said about the issues in the fiscal sector.

Recall, the NBU expects the IMF $2 billion in 2018, which will increase international reserves. Also, the regulator is awaiting funds from the EU and the world Bank.


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