Danyluk: you May lose IMF loans

Данилюк: Можем лишиться кредитов МВФ

Danyluk commented on the cooperation with the IMF

Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk considers it premature to discuss the new program with the IMF because of the conditions present is.

A new program with the main creditor of Ukraine International monetary Fund is not discussed because it had not completed all the points of this Memorandum. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk in an interview to Zerkalo Nedeli, which was released on Saturday, January 20.

“The new programme is not discussed. And what would it be? The outstanding points of this Memorandum? What’s the point? We need in the framework of the existing cooperation to realize the maximum for the country. First of all, we are talking about the priority reforms necessary in the framework of this program. Only after its implementation we can think about the next steps in cooperation with the Fund”, – said the Minister.

Danyluk also said about the importance of continued cooperation with the Fund.

“Failure to obtain a single tranche this year and the departure of the IMF program are synonyms really because the program ends in the first quarter of 2019”, – he explained.

According to him, there is a delay with this installment, because some of the key laws at the time were not considered by the Parliament.

While the Finance Minister is confident that Ukraine as an independent state must be able to work without the IMF. “Of course, I also want Ukraine to be independent and move forward without assistance, but many of those now talking about it, and have other goals. They do not want reforms and changes, many want to get rid of the IMF, to preserve the current situation in favor of their personal interests,” he said.

Previously Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Dmytro Sologub said that if Kiev does not receive the next tranche from the International monetary Fund until July 2018, the program of assistance to Ukraine likely to be interrupted.