Daughter Mostovskoy doubt caused Rossoshanskiy

Дочь Ноздровской сомневается в вине Россошанского

Anastasia Moskovska

Anastasia Moskovska said, why not believe in the guilt of the arrested suspect.

The daughter of the murdered yuristkoy Moskovskoy Irina, Anastasia, doubts that the arrested Yuri Rossoshanskiy to blame for the crime. This version does not make her trustworthy, Anastasia reported in a commentary Today.

“Rossoshansky has told me that he and my mom at the bus stop, a skirmish began, and then he pulled out a knife. But there are inconsistencies. According to our calculations, a mother came to a stop somewhere at 17.40-17.45. When the time was 18.10, we realized that something was wrong and went to the station to meet her”, she said.

Anastasia recalled that,according to experts, Irina Mostovskoy was a large blood loss from his wounds.

“But we stop any blood seen. In addition, Rossoshanskiy says that he carried her on his shoulder a mile. Later that way no blood we do not see. This raises the question. I do not blanch rossoshanskaya, but I suppose that he could offer to take the blame for the murder,” she said.

According to Anastasia, the police had no other suspects in the murder of her mother. “And in return could offer that his son had served for committing a traffic accident some two years – will be released. But this is only my version,” she added.

We will remind, Rossoshanskiy was arrested on 9 January for two months without the right of bail.