Daughter Mostovskoy: the murder of the mother needs to control the people

Дочь Ноздровской: Дело об убийстве матери должен контролировать народ

The murdered human rights activist Irina Noskovskaya

Anastasia Moskovska does not trust the Ukrainian judicial system.

The daughter of the murdered human rights activist Irina Nosovskii Anastasia said in comments to Voice of America that the murder of her mother needs to control the people.

“It seems to me that this case should control the people. When people pay attention to it and demand justice, officials are afraid and decide these issues,” − says the daughter Mostovskoy.

She also stressed that doubts the quality of the investigation of the murder of his mother and in the law enforcement system as a whole.

“My mother always fought with them, demanding justice and legitimate decisions. She has repeatedly appealed for help to all these investigators. Mom always fought with them, so they do not make me trust. And if it has not received such resonance, they would go dormant,” said Anastasia.

We will remind, law enforcement officers found the body of a previously missing Mostovskoy 1 January in a river in the Kiev region. Upon a premeditated murder the criminal proceedings are opened.

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