Daughter Poroshenko noted the majority

Дочери Порошенко отмечают совершеннолетие

The daughter of Peter Poroshenko celebrates 18th anniversary

Twin daughters of the President of Ukraine of Evgeny and Alexander Poroshenko on Tuesday, January 9, celebrating 18th birthday.

Petro Poroshenko congratulated the twins Sasha and Zhenya with the 18th anniversary, which they celebrate today. The President has placed relevant posts on their pages in social networks Twitter and Facebook.

“It seems like yesterday you were very young. With age, our daughter! Love you forever!” – wrote the President.

In the President’s family also has two sons: Alex (MP, 1985) and Mykhaylo (born 2001).

Note, younger children Petro Poroshenko (Eugene, Sasha, and Michael) are studying in the British “Concord College” (Сoncod College). In December, they ended the school semester and they went on vacation, often taking place in Ukraine. According to the media, learning in this place costs 1.3 million per year.

Earlier in the network has discussed the inscription RUSSIA on the breast of son Poroshenko.

In September 2017 to Poroshenko age of 52.