Dawn second time gave Östersund

Заря во второй раз уступила Эстерсунду

Östersund beat the Dawn

Luhansk citizens are unable to take points in Sweden.

Dawn gave away the Match in the match 5 th round of group stage of the Europa League 2017/18.

The Swedish team began to actively, and in the opening minutes laid siege to the penalty area of the Dawn. Already on the 1st minute of the match Ken SEMA shot with his left foot under the crossbar Lunin, who sent the sphere into the corner. After that, östersund continued to bombard the blows the possession of the city, and the way the ball was or the defenders of the Luhansk team, or the goalkeeper.

In the first 15 minutes of the match, the dawn almost didn’t think about the attack, and the Swedes controlled the ball a total advantage – 73 on 27. Closer to the middle of the first half wards of Vernidub managed to equalize the game, but, unfortunately, Luhansk conceded a goal in the locker room. Edwards left one on the right edge of the penalty and the English midfielder shot-pass into the far corner of the goal Lunin.

During the break, Lunev was replaced by Gromov and in the opening stages of the second half lost a real opportunity to equalise. After transfer from the right flank Lunev ahead of the opponent and meters with 11 punched above gate. A few minutes later Opanasenko fired over the crossbar.

Östersund is dangerous answered in the 63rd minute when Lunin executed the save game after hitting Godos. Dawn continued to look for ways to the goal the Swedes and could have scored in the 67th minute, but Keita in the crazy jump parried Yuri from outside the penalty area.

And all questions about the winner was removed, Godos in the 77th minute of the game, once from the penalty into the far corner of the city.

Thus, the dawn, having scored 6 points and to get into the playoffs, forced to win in Lviv athletic (8), who defeated Bilbao Gert.

Ostersund – Zarya 2:0

Goals: 1:0 – 40, own goal Grechishkin, 2:0 – 78 Goddes.

Östersund: Keita, Papayannopoulos, SOMI (Widgren, 90), Mukiibi, Pettersson, Bashir, Noori, Sam, Edwards, Goddes, Jero (Mensah, 85).

Dawn: Lunin, One, Sukhotsky, Opanasenko, Gordienko, Karavaev, Andrievsky (Babenko, 61), Kharatin, Grechishkin, Gromov (Lunev, 46), Yuri(Silas, 72).

Yellow Cards: Edwards (51), Andrievsky (53), Caravan (53), Babenko (79), One (82).

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