Dawn shared the points with second half

Заря поделила очки с Волынью

Zorya and Volyn shared the points

Zorya Luhansk farther away from the bronze medals of the championship.

Dawn is in crisis and in recent times not only have lost the advantage on the Dnieper, but allowed himself to shift with the third line.

The match with Volyn were encouraging – not so long ago the teams met in the Cup, and then the victory was celebrated by the opponents with the score 5:0.

The game started at a leisurely pace. Dawn of possession, but midway through the half the opponents took the initiative. As a result, the visitors managed to open the score. Didenko got the ball and the line goalie shot the gate of Dawn.

In the second half in Volhynia to a certain point things were going well. All the plans have violated Micah Gorodetsk – player fouls in his own penalty area and received a straight red card. Penalties began to perform Lipartia, but Nedilko rescued his team.

The dawn has not stopped and leveled the score – Paulinho strike from the penalty and managed to punch the goalkeeper. Until the end of the match Zorya could still be a chance, however, the situation was complicated Sivakov, who received a silly red card in arguments with the referee. In equal structures dawn continued to attack, but the final whistle signalled a draw.

Zarya – Volyn 1:1

Goals: Paulinho, 71 – Didenko, 31

Missed penalty: Lipartia, 61 (goalkeeper)

Removal: Sivakov, 82 – Gorodetsk, 59

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