Day in anti-terrorist operation, injuring four soldiers

Сутки в АТО: ранены четыре бойца

In the area of ATO without loss

The position of the APU fire 15 times.

Positions of the Ukrainian military on Donbass for the last days fired at 15 times, as a result injured four soldiers. This is stated in the press center of staff ATO page in Facebook on Wednesday morning, October 11.

“In just the past day illegal armed groups 15 times violated the truce. In response the Armed forces of Ukraine 9 times used the weapon to defeat the enemy,” – said in the headquarters.

According to the military, for Tuesday, the militants have focused activity on the Lugansk direction. Under fire hit the territory of Novoaleksandrovka, Trekhizbenki, Zaitsev, Maori, Shirokino, Starognatovki and Talakovki.

In turn, the self-proclaimed LNR said that the Ukrainian military for the last day seven times opened fire.

We remind that the fighters of 12 times fired on positions of Ukrainian military – two soldiers of the APU were injured, two others received a combat injury.

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