Day in the ATO: 22 fire, one wounded

Сутки в АТО: 22 обстрела, один раненый

The main activity of the separatists was concentrated in the coastal areas.

Over the last day, the separatists fired 22 times the position of APU in the Donbas – the wounded one Ukrainian soldier. This is stated in the press center of staff ATO page in Facebook on Wednesday morning, October 4.

According to the report, the main militant activity was concentrated in the coastal areas.

“Night fighters in one hour fired at our positions near Shirokino with a portable rocket launcher Grad “Partisan”, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine gun. Later, near the same village, the enemy has already used 82-mm mortar. And since 18.00 and within two hours the enemy was firing at the stronghold of the Ukrainian army Talakovki from jet system of volley fire “Grad”. Here militants fired 38 rockets”, – reported in the headquarters.

Under fire fighters also entered the territory from Water, Avdeevka, Nevel mine Butovka, Zaitsev, Maori.

In turn, the self-proclaimed LNR, the Ukrainian side was accused of the shelling of Yasinovataya. A LC claim that the military APU 9 times fired Lugansk militants seized the territory.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of shelling of positions of Armed forces of Ukraine in the Donbass from Tuesday morning, October 3, injuring two soldiers.

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