Day in the ATO: One soldier killed, five wounded

Сутки в АТО: Один боец погиб, пять ранены

The Ukrainian military almost every day bear losses in the Donbas

Five times the enemy shelled the front-line settlements.

For the last day, 12 June, the separatists 57 times opened fire on the fortifications of the Ukrainian armed forces along the demarcation line. Five times they hit directly at the residential sector. Over the past day, one soldier was killed and another five soldiers were wounded and combat injuries, reports the press center of staff ATO.

So, in the coastal areas near settlements and the Count Olginka, the enemy at about 22.00 hours opened fire from infantry fighting vehicles and rocket-propelled grenades at Marinka. The shelling caused a fire in the house on the street October. None of the locals got hurt.

In the same direction yesterday with mortars of various calibres fired at the ATO forces ‘ positions near Pavlopol, Chermalyk and Marinka. There, as well as in the area of Shirokino, Water, Talakovki, Gotovogo and Birch, repeatedly shelled positions from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms of various calibres. Only here recorded 27 episodes of the breach of the ceasefire.

In Donetsk direction separatists intensified with nightfall, particularly in the southern suburbs of the Town and to the East – near the village of Kamenka. There was fired from 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, tanks, anti-aircraft and infantry weapons. A few shots of the 125-mm tank guns have traditionally been done in a residential quarter of the Town. The shells exploded near residential buildings in the streets of Ostrovsky and Gagarin. Casualties among the local no. Circumstances and consequences of this attack are now being investigated. The shelling of homes local residents yesterday was also recorded in the area of zaytsevo. There was a beat of heavy machine gun.

“Before midnight invaders, using rocket-propelled grenades and small arms of various calibres, also managed to fire at our positions near Experienced and Nevel. In the area of Zaytsevy they beat again in the direction of our strong points from APCS. Thus, the number of enemy armed provocations in this direction until the end of days has reached 12” – headquarters.

On Lugansk the direction 18 times hit the positions of the forces ATO. In particular, in the area of Trinity and Kryakovki the enemy opened fire from 120-mm mortars. Near Novomoskovskaja, Katerinovka, Trehizbenka, Golden and Novoaleksandrovka – mortars caliber 82 mm. in addition, near Novoaleksandrovka twice used an anti-tank missile systems. And near the Crimean beat in the direction of Ukrainian positions from the BMP. The fortifications of the ATO forces near the settlement of Yellow, Lobacheve Novtoshkovskoe, Village Lugansk and Crimson opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms.

As reported Корреспондент.netper day June 11, the number of attacks in the area ATO separatists was 67. As a result, two servicemen were killed and another four were injured.

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