Day in the ATO: two dead, eight wounded

Сутки в АТО: двое погибших, восемь раненых

Positions of the Ukrainian military fired 47 times.

The position of the Armed forces of Ukraine in zone anti-terrorist operation on Donbass for the last day were fired 47 times. Killing two Ukrainian soldiers, eight were injured, the report said on the page of the headquarters of the ATO in Facebook on Friday morning, April 21.

The situation in the ATO area worsened, said the Agency. The most difficult was the situation at the Donetsk direction, said at the headquarters of ATO. Under fire hit the Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka, Butovka, Varnetresk and Luhansk, Kamenka, Russian Federation, Sand, Maori, Novgorod and Trinity.

In the seaside area, the militants fired at military positions of AFU near Marinka and Krasnogorovka, Shirokino, Pavlopol and Talakovki, Novohryhorivka. “Close to Lebedinsky and Water active enemy snipers,” – said the headquarters of ATO.

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk direction militants used fire in the area Katerinovka. Defenders of Novozvanovka fired rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, and the Ukrainian military near the Donets – automatic grenade launcher.

In turn, the self-proclaimed DND claim the loss of one fighter as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian military.

Earlier, the ATO headquarters said that the Ukrainian soldiers killed near Avdeevka – militants fired at a strong point.

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