Day in the ATO: two dead on the arc Svetlodarsk

Сутки в АТО: двое погибших на Светлодарской дуге

The situation in the ATO area remains tense – Svetlodarsk arc constantly under attack.

Per day from 20 December in the area of ATO two Ukrainian soldiers were killed, four were injured and four suffered concussion. This was reported by press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of the ATO Andrei Lysenko.

“For the past day as a result of active hostilities our two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four were injured, four concussion”, he said.

In addition, Lysenko said that on the arc Svetlodarsk the opponent has made several attempts of attacks but all were repulsed. After that was taken by five armed provocations with use of grenade launchers.

On Donetsk direction was also attacked Avdeevka. Used mortars, rocket-propelled grenades of various systems and machine guns of large caliber.

The DNR said that for the past day 699 times violated the ceasefire. And the situation on the contact line near debaltseve “is under control thanks to the prompt intervention of the Russian side in the Joint center for control and coordination of the ceasefire”.

In LNR told that the so-called acting Minister of health LNR Igor Solyanik stated about the readiness of hospitals LC to accept and treat the Ukrainian military.

Recall that on the arc Svetlodarsk cease fighting. The parties accuse each other of shelling and attacks

The defense Ministry announced the end of the fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk.

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