Decapitalized Russian Bank Ukrainian “daughter”

Российский банк докапитализирует украинскую "дочку"

Prominvestbank want to invest

The Bank can prepare for sale.

The shareholders of Prominvestbank plan at the meeting on 27 April to decide on the capital increase. This is stated in the corresponding Bank, transmit Ukrainian news.

As it became known, the financial institution intends to increase the authorized capital by private placement of additional shares of existing nominal value by additional contributions.

The Bank does not specify what amount the government will recapitalize. Currently, the authorized capital of Prominvestbank is 40.6 billion.

Earlier, the head of Vnesheconombank announced that the final decision regarding agreement to sell the Ukrainian Prominvestbank will be made next week, a possible buyer can be a Hungarian banking group OTP.

In Ukraine there is a banking group with the owner from Russia