December khaki. How the country lives under martial law

Декабрь цвета хаки. Как страна живет при военном положении

That will bring Ukraine military situation

For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the country under martial law. However, not in the whole country, but only ten in the border areas.

Many Ukrainians are frightened with this event, in practice it turns out that’s not afraid of the devil. The reporter understood, as the country spent the first ten days in the new reality

“Shoot the men from trains and sent to the recruitment office, All calls will be to listen to”, “From the country of release”, “the Car will take” — which are only fakes and horror stories about the military situation do not spread in Ukrainian society. It is understandable, the military situation and related changes in life cause the majority of Ukrainians anxiety, and what are the provocateurs, dispersing the panic, says Valery Litvinski in No. 23 Wof ournal Correspondent.

But as the first week of life under martial law, anything terrible has not occurred, the cars were there, the borders are open, even salt, matches and flour in the stores is not over. And really worst thing that could happen is a direct military invasion from Russia. According to the military, the prerequisites for this is — Russian troops and military equipment along the borders accumulated. However, the accumulation and concentration did not begin in 2018, and a couple of years earlier.

The immediate threat of invasion? There continuously since the summer of 2014. But to prevent such acts or at least minimize their effect, martial law was actually imposed.


After the capture of Russia Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait military situation of the threads for the idle conversations during the five years of war became a reality. Around the format of administration and the duration of the hotly political debate. In the end, martial law will operate 30 days before 14:00 on December 26 in ten regions of Ukraine that border with the territory of Russia and the unrecognized Republic of Transnistria, Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Chernihiv and Kherson.

The main purpose of the imposition of martial law, if we follow the official version — to create conditions to repel a possible armed aggression and ensuring national security. Martial law is not a Declaration of war, not offensive, it is primarily the readiness to rapidly deploy defensive actions.

The President’s decree on martial law provides for the possibility to restrict rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the 12 articles of the Constitution. Among them, such as the inviolability of housing, privacy of correspondence, freedom of movement, right of ownership, freedom of demonstrations and peaceful Assembly, the holding of elections and referendums. The law of Ukraine on the military situation provides the conditions of introduction of the possibility of establishing a curfew, labor service, additional inspection of documents or evacuation.

But all this only in the event of open hostilities. As of the evening of 5 December is nowhere and nothing was implemented or announced. That is, the imposition of martial law does not mean that in the affected regions immediately begin to pick up apartments and cars for needs of army, or send all to dig trenches in the framework of labor service. President Petro Poroshenko several times stressed that any restrictions on rights and freedoms of the people is possible only in the case of a direct ground of the Russian military invasion. Which still, fortunately, did not happen. And the introduction of martial law, frankly, more likely that won’t happen.

Nevertheless the enemy the war is already psychological. In the border regions, the local residents came SMS with the requirement to report to the nearest military unit in connection with the mobilization. To believe such reports should not, it is a provocation.


Residents of the regions where it already has a military position, saying that he did not notice any changes in daily life after its introduction. So then do in that situation is happening? First events of a military and defensive character.

General mobilization in Ukraine is not declared, instead, the defense Ministry and the General staff will clarify the mobilization plans for the reservists of the first stage — people with experience of participation in the antiterrorist operation. For representatives of the operational reserve of the first stage started training.

Декабрь цвета хаки. Как страна живет при военном положении


Military exercises in Ukraine

All law enforcement agencies of the country passed to the strengthened option of service. Units of the Armed forces and border guards was transferred to full combat readiness. Increased outfits on the border with Russia and the administrative border with the occupied Crimea, together with Nicolicea guards create an additional control posts at the entrance to Ukraine for the transport scan.

Military administration, the establishment of which involves the martial law in Ukraine does not appear. Limited to the organization of the headquarters defense in the regional administrations, which have already earned. Enhanced protection of critical infrastructure — stations, railway stations, airports. The Ministry of health identified institutions in which, if necessary, ready to provide medical assistance to the military.

It is forbidden to photograph the movement of military equipment, any military facilities. Over military units, objects and polygons is impossible to launch drones. “Orphan” drones promise to bring down without sentimentality, and if anyone will notice as the operator of such UAV — detained and sent to meet with operatives of the SBU.

In the Odessa region was transferred to the combat readiness of air defense system, and in the Zaporozhye resumed checkpoints in the coastal areas. In any area where martial law, no curfew, do not seize property for the needs of the army. Not even restricted sales of alcohol.

Officials at all levels do not tire of repeating that nothing with the military regulations in the people’s lives will not change. But this does not negate that someone will try to use for their own purposes. For example, in Odessa dispersed the protesters against the building, under the pretext that the military situation and rally impossible. Or in Zaporozhye unknown swindlers called the apartment and said that “he came to confiscate the property of the army”. Such speculators, it is better to surrender to the police.


That will really abolish martial law so that elections in the United territorial community, which was to take place on December 23. Voting in areas where martial law will take. Parliament will set a new election date. But since this is a local election in the political life of the country is not affected in any way.

Although sporting events in the regions with the military provisions promised not to cancel, but football fans have already suffered. The domestic match between Desna and Lugansk Dawn moved to Kiev. And the strangest thing happened to game of the Europa League between Vorskla Poltava and London’s Arsenal. In the Poltava military situation there, but the British still refused to go there, and Poltava fans lost the opportunity to see the most eminent opponent in the history of their club. The match was moved to Kiev, so really the decision and not substantiated.

Because of this, the issue was the conduct of the match of Champions League between Shakhtar Donetsk and French Lyon, which will be held on 12 December in Kharkov, where the military situation as the time is valid. Although even after its introduction in the city quietly had a match of Shakhtar in the Ukrainian Premier League. In which case, the miners can play in Lviv.

Local business counts the losses. Local fans matter. But quiet.


What first attracted the attention of Ukrainians after the imposition of martial law is to the dollar. Ancient tactics of the Ukrainians in any strange situation, buy the dollar — along with a small panic after the announcement of the introduction of martial law and the desire of speculators to earn did the trick. The hryvnia fell in separate exchangers for one and two hryvnia to the dollar to levels at 29-30 UAH per dollar. But this fluctuation was temporary and was of a speculative nature. By 5 December, the market calmed down. And many experts believe that in the coming weeks the course can be strengthened to the 28 UAH/$, and then to 27.9/$.

The national Bank insists that any problems with the banking system during a military position will not. And for the first time outside of school date published statistics about the dynamics of deposits. It (the statistics) was quite peaceful — the outflow of deposits is not fixed.

Декабрь цвета хаки. Как страна живет при военном положении

Martial law and the dollar

Even the IMF is not pleased with the skeptics. The Fund has said it will not stop its cooperation with Ukraine, despite the imposition of martial law in the country. Hence, the new loan, which the day before but agreed that Ukraine will receive. Followed by loans from the world Bank and the EU, announcements have already been made.

The authorities promise that martial law will not affect payments to state employees. All medical and educational institutions are operating normally. As Ukrposhta offices, mobile operators and Internet service providers.

Yes, martial law will reduce the pace of recovery of GDP, but by the end of November, the Treasury announced the implementation of the plan proceeds. The sea of Azov, of course, suffered a turnover hampered and became more expensive, companies that export through the ports of Azov. That’s just the logistical problem in the region began not yesterday. And Ukrainian grain Association, for example, stated that the largest grain traders of about 2 million tons of grain are exported from the coastal region, refers to black sea ports long before the incident in the Kerch Bay.

That seriously affected the incident — on intentions. Stabilization of the hryvnia in 2018, the incipient recovery of the economy naturally back the attention of foreign investors to Ukraine. Many were going to launch a new and revive the old projects in the first quarter of 2019. But in fact, they all halted their start. However, this has not affected the investment projects that were planned to run in the right-Bank regions of the country. According to published estimates, in fact, the military situation in November-December will reduce the expected year-end GDP is high by 0.1%. If it will be announced in 2019, its negative consequences, of course, felt to a much greater extent. Which will depend on the terms of the coverage regions and the list of restrictions.

The introduction of martial law for 30 days did not affect the cost of borrowing of the Ukrainian government abroad. If and when you begin a new program of cooperation with the IMF stand-by arrangement, interest rates on attracted and placed loans abroad bond will go down.


What EAP really is drastically affected, so that on entry to Ukraine of citizens of Russia. Restrictions imposed on the entry of men aged 16 to 60 years. President Poroshenko this decision is explained by the need to prevent Russia “to create in Ukraine the groups of “private” armies, which are actually members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation”.

The guards specify that men aged 16 to 60 years are at risk, but every citizen of the Russian Federation will be an individual decision. An additional control method — interviewing.

Not to let the Russians, who had trouble with the Ukrainian legislation, illegally visited the temporarily occupied territory, have confirmed the purpose of their stay in Ukraine. Exceptions may be for the Russians with diplomatic status in Ukraine, with a permit for permanent or temporary residence in the country. Also promise to let the Ukraine of Russians, which serve vehicle, and those traveling to the country with humanitarian purposes — for the funeral, the relatives of the patients and so on. Details about the new skip mode available on the website of the state border service, and frankly, there is nothing fundamentally different from the regime that existed before 26 November 2018.

On the one hand, such a decision in conditions of martial law and possible Russian aggression is justified. With the other criteria that have been selected for admission to our territory leave scope for charges of government in a PR campaign in the popular topics. What prevents Moscow to send to Ukraine woman for subversive activities or provocations? Moreover, such facts have been, for example, the Colonel of the SBU Alexander Kharaberyush in March 2017 in Mariupol, Donetsk region were blown up by a woman-killer, recruited by Russian secret services. Or what prevents to use in the activities against the Ukraine people over 60?

In the first days of the military emergency in Ukraine is not allowed about 100 Russians. Despite the fact that border crossings every day is at least a thousand Russians. Many of them actively complaining in the media, telling their personal stories. The scheme is basically the same — an invitation to interview, communication, failure due to non-confirmation of the trip purpose or because of insufficient financial resources to stay in the country, return to the place whence you came to Ukraine. In Moscow claim that, of course, mirror measures will not enter, run pretty boring record about “fraternal peoples” and so on. But actively not allowed in Russia Ukrainians. From 29 November to 3 December, according to the state border service of Ukraine, to Russia without explanation not allowed 150 Ukrainians. Here is the absence of reflex action and the “brotherly Nations”.

The imposition of martial law reminded many in Ukraine, which is actually the fifth year of continuing military conflict. It is far from complete, as can seem from apart from the front line regions, and each day can move into a phase of active hostilities. In such conditions war is necessary to prepare always. Yes, it may cause you or your family some discomfort, but everything has a price, including for the protection of their country, for their own protection.


Since when the number of the Correspondent will be on the shelves until the completion of the current trip period will be less than three calendar weeks. If this period of calm will end, it is likely that martial law will not be continued. And then what? If you’re lucky, the Kremlin will not be pedaling the situation and create new reasons for the introduction of the new VP in Ukraine.

And then many will be in the role of a famous hero of jokes about who was left with a washed neck. What can I say: restore order, assessing the opportunities of defence — all this is expensive in any country, even the poor. But in view of the violent neighbour of such costs in 2014 should be considered in the plan. Israel lives 70 years. And already feels good.