Declaration of the controversial investigator of the interior Ministry checked the formal media

Декларацию скандального следователя МВД проверили формально - СМИ

Journalists believe the dubious verification of income Deputy chief of the Main investigation Department of national police.

The national Agency for prevention of corruption is only formally checked the Declaration of one of the most controversial of the investigators – Deputy chief of the Main investigation Department of national police Dmitry booth. On Monday, August 28, writes the newspaper the Country, citing a investigation of its journalists.

The newspaper reminds that the NACP issued a verdict concerning the official finding only minor discrepancies, the most amusing of which is undeclared, the dog cost more than 120 thousand hryvnia.

As a result of its review, the Agency found no grounds for bringing the subject of the Declaration to administrative or criminal liability. Also revealed no conflict of interest or evidence of illegal enrichment.

At the same time, journalists questioned the withdrawal of fighters.

“As said the publication of the colleagues of the booth, NACP closed his eyes to check the sources of funds for such high-profile purchase of his wife, as two garages and two apartments with a total area of over 200 square meters in the residential complex Novopecherskie limes. The national Agency of fighting corruption have been satisfied with the explanations bout that today he and his wife have no relationship to these objects. Which, incidentally, was previously refuted by investigative journalism. In particular – investigation of the publication Scheme,” writes the Country.

In addition, the publication with reference to fellow police officer indicates that the Declaration of the rights had no place to reflect these expenditures:

payment of services of a personal driver and housekeeper who would cost monthly in the amount of 30 thousand UAH;

– carrying out costly repairs in the suburban residence of the booths in the village of Gorenichi, buying new furniture;

– purchase an annual pass to visit with the whole family the official fitness club and GYMM MAX value of not less than 100 thousand UAH;

“The estate in the village of Gorenichi near Kiev cost about $1 million, which is officially recorded on the FR booth, is actually used by security forces as the country residence of the Deputy chief of the Main investigation Department of national police. And this property is also not mentioned in its Declaration”, – the newspaper writes, adding that the nominal owner of a country mansion – Booth-senior – it never lived or lives.

In addition, the Country adds that, similarly, the parents of the high rank of the Ministry of interior recorded and the recreation center on the Berdyansk spit.

“Similarly, parents “warnaco” MIA recorded and the recreation center on the Berdyansk spit, which personally Booth sold in 2015 for $470 thousand According to the documents, the object was decorated like a house, but because the hotel business was conducted illegally. But these facts, as well as the personal involvement of Dmitry booth in the arrangement of recreation are not subject to an interest NACP” – indicates the edition.

The journalists remind that earlier Bout was repeatedly involved in various scandals. Back in 2013, when he worked in the tax office of the Desnyansky district of Kiev, he was accused of raider capture of the Mandarin restaurant. Then a great scandal, which had to intervene personally, even the US Ambassador in Ukraine John Tefft.

According to the publication, after the Maidan Booth performed the most important orders of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov detained the former head of the NJSC Naftogaz Bakulina directly on the Cabinet meeting in 2015, were handcuffed on the leadership of the state Committee for Emergency situations. And 2016 “lit up” in a number of scandals in the Odessa region, which were associated with the conflict Avakov and the then Governor Mikhail Saakashvili.

In the declarations Poroshenko no violations found – NACP