Decoy schemes in the defense talked about the illegal business

Фигурант схем в оборонке рассказал о незаконном бизнесе

Rogoza said that his business helped the army because the patriot

The owner of the company Optionspecial Andrei Rogoza recognizes the supply of contraband items, but denied knowing Gladkowski.

One of the defendants in the case of corruption in the defense complex, owner of Optionspecial Andrei Rogoza, admitted that the supplies of contraband of spare parts to the enterprises of the Ukroboronprom his company used the services of the konvertatsionny centers. About this he wrote on Facebook on Friday, March 15.

While Cattail justify their illegal activity by the impossibility of legally and within the law to supply.

“I for that my army is currently paying the so-called conversion centers 15%, and now paid 20% in taxes not paid fines. It’s not just the economic loss is the destruction of my and other true patriots (Yes – I am a patriot!) of business and without the FSB,” writes Reed.

He also noted that his firm has shipped less than 3% of the parts from all vendors, only four enterprises of the Ukroboronprom 150, therefore, according to him, the company Optionspecial is the last in the list among all other providers. In this case said that he had to take a lot of money under high risk and high percentage.

Reed denied that he helped the police to carry out illegal deliveries, but acknowledged that parts imported by contraband from Russia and he made no secret of the interrogations.

“I’m not protected, no one on 5 … searches me and all the relatives for 2 years – a bunch of letters and more than 30 questioning me and my employees, “with real fear”, and every time we have proven that we deliver the spare parts is really smuggled in from Russia!!!” he said.

“I told you so – Yes I drive a contraband iron, Yes I use the convert attendants! Put me on the table schema I have to work and I will follow these rules!”, said the Cattail.

From the correspondence, which was published by the journalists in the latest investigation of plunders in the Ukroboronprom, Cattail disown. “80% … of correspondence so good that you lied and released it does not exist. I have never had a relationship with Gladkowski!” said the Cattail journalist Denis Bigus.

As you know, reporters call the organizers of the business for the supply of contraband items at an inflated price Cattail, Vitaly Zhukov and Igor Gladkovsky – son ex-Deputy head of the national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky. Involvement in illegal schemes Gladkovsky, Jr. recognized the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.


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