Defense Ministry bought decommissioned from the army parachutes

Минобороны купило списанные из армии парашюты

Defense Ministry bought their own parachutes

The defense Ministry had first written off and then bought parachutes by 11.59 million.

The defense Ministry in September 2015 bought parachutes for at 11.59 million, which was off of the units and legalized through a fictitious company.

This is evidenced by a resolution of the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev from November 21.

As has established a consequence, officials of the defense Department in cahoots with the head of Ukrvtortech forged documents about the unsuitability of parachutes PSU-36 series 2. After that they were off of the units.

Then shell companies “Master trade” and “trevel KOMPANI PLYUS” UkrAvtoZAZ bought 35 parachute systems PSU-36 series 2, and then sold them to the Ministry of defense.

The investigators found that employees of the defense Department carried out the embezzlement of public money in the amount at 11.59 million.

It is also noted that the criminal case began in July 2015 on the grounds of tax evasion on a significant scale, and the investigation is ongoing.

In September it was reported that five officials of the Ministry of defence is suspected of major embezzlement. In the same month, was exposed to millions of frauds with housing for the military.