Deferred tranche can open an account “sanctions” against Kiev – expert

Отсрочка транша может открыть счет "санкциям" против Киева – эксперт

The West is ready to increase pressure on Ukrainian government after the decision of the national security Council, the blockade, the analyst believes.

The negative reaction of Europe on the blockade of Donbass uncontrolled can cause a number of measures against Ukraine from the West. So says the head of the Ukrainian Institute of strategies of global development and adaptations of Victor Levitsky, said in a press release.

In his view, the unexpected postponement of the next tranche of the IMF loan is one of the first steps that might lead to a whole set of similar sanctions against Kiev. “The Europeans are well aware that the blockade is the initiative of the nationalist populist forces, which the government has repeatedly condemned,” said Levitsky.

According to him, the threat of nationalist populism is seen by the West as a major threat.

“Therefore, a purely internal at first glance, the problem of the transport blockade ORDO acquire pan-European importance: the willingness of certain forces in Ukraine for political gain to break the Minsk agreement and to take practical steps towards separation of the Donbass region of the country are regarded by the civilized world as extremely dangerous to trend” – the expert believes.

According to Levitsky, in this context, the postponement of the IMF tranche for Ukraine is not unimportant episode in the relations of Ukraine and Europe, and the first step in a series of more serious measures.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the IMF Board of Directors has postponed consideration of the allocation of Ukraine loan tranche to clarify the macroeconomic indicators of the country in connection with the negative consequences of the blockade of Donbass.