Dekanoidze promised to investigate the police beating of the head kotsyubinskoye

The head of the National police Khatia Dekanoidze assured the participants of the picket in Kiev that the arbitrariness of law enforcement officers in the village kotsyubinskoe Kiev region will be investigated. This was reported by the Irpin city mayor, the leader of the party “Novi oblichchya” Vladimir Karplyuk, who spoke with Dekanoidze, reports “Forbes. Ukraine”.

“We all could have told the maximum amount of information filed and received a promise of an objective investigation of this case. Khatia Dekanoidze will take under personal control the investigation of the beating acting kotsjubinsky village head Yulia [in Russian],” said Karplyuk cocobanana who yesterday picketed the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Today, may 16, Dekanoidze will create an investigation team which will investigate the police assault on the acting head kotsjubinsky Julia [in Russian], the search of her apartment and beaten by the police.

At the request of the Chairwoman of the national police, the protesters turned the tent city. However, the community promises again to go to the rally, if the police are breaking the law.

As reminds the edition, on Friday, may 13, at night, the police officers grabbed the leader of the village kotsyubinskoe Julia [in Russian], member of the party “Novi oblichchya”. The militiamen stole the woman’s personal belongings were locked in the premises of the village Council, intimidated and even hit. At the same time [in Russian] the house was searched. In the village believe that the actions of law enforcement agencies in Kotsyubinskoe – this is a political order against the party “Novi oblichchya”.

“The court ruling referred to by the police, issued by the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv, whereas the search was conducted in the Kiev region. Specially selected time, when the work week is over and the authorities where one can challenge the actions of law enforcement do not work. As the events of recent weeks, it is a political order”, – commented the acting protector of the village head.