Dekanoidze sure soon, Kiva will not be her slave

Деканоидзе уверена, что скоро Кива не будет ее подчиненным

The head of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze hoping that Ilya Kiva be dismissed from the post of head of the Department for combating drug-related crime in the near future. She told about it in interview “to Mirror of week. Ukraine”.

“I hope and almost sure that soon the slave with a name like that I will not,” she said.

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Dekanoidze said that he sees the results of the Kiva. “Moreover, he had no access to classified information. From this officer of the organized chaos in the Department are suffering and cause, and the people who work there. Details I will not say more, as I cannot slip into emotion,” she said.

Recall back in April Dekanoidze said that triggers the dismissal of Kiva.

Kiva does not pass the recertification in the new police allegedly because of illness. Later on the question of whether he is ready to pass certification on the polygraph, the head of the Department for combating drug-related crime stated, and ready to pass a polygraph him.