Dekanoidze told about the re-enactment of the murder in Odessa

Деканоидзе рассказала об инсценировке убийства в Одессе

The police faked a murder to catch killers

During the RAID managed to arrest the suspects and free the hostages, said the head of national police.

The head of national police Khatia Dekanoidze said the details of the staging of the murder of human rights activist Aleksandr Pogorelov in Odessa on may 15.

“We have received many questions on the insinuations of the execution of Lexus in Odessa. The situation is the following: last night in the Odessa area, we arrested a gang that specialized in kidnapping, blackmail and murder. For several years the victims have largely been people from socially unprotected layers of the population who are abducted and forced to transfer the real estate to gang members,” wrote Dekanoidze in Facebook.

According to her, militiamen asked the lawyer who takes an active role in the disclosure of criminal schemes in the sphere of allocation of land plots in the resort districts of Odessa region. “The Complainant reported that he had received threats in connection with his activities – the implementation of the investment project on construction of embankment in the Gulf”, – she wrote.

Dekanoidze said that in the next few months, law enforcement officers documented the fact of training of the attackers to commit assassinations. For the detention of the organizers and facilitators of the assassination a few days ago the police had to stage the murder of the lawyer-applicant.

“As a result of well-planned special operation managed to arrest the suspects and free the hostages, who was earlier abducted for ransom. Now conducted about 30 searches during which the seized firearms”, – said the head of national police.

Dekanoidze said that the investigation in this case is thanked “the whole team which participated in the arrest of the gang”.

As reported, night in Odessa two unknown persons have shot the car Lexus. A “victim” of the assassination has become a well-known lawyer Alexander Pogorelov, head of the legal holding Privilege.