Del Bosque, Zidane underestimate as me at the time

Дель Боске: Зидана недооценивают, как и меня в свое время

Vicente del Bosque and Zinedine Zidane

The former coach of real Madrid and the Spanish national team Vicente del Bosque spoke about the criticism of the head coach Creamy Frenchman Zinedine

66-year-old Spanish specialist believes that the current coach of real Madrid, many critics underestimate, as it was with him at the time.

“We know that many appreciate the work of the head coaches on the belief that they supposedly lucky. Now, after real won three trophies and goes a long time without a loss, it happens to Zidane.

From Zizou is a group of players who follow him as the leader. Underestimate him, like me at the time, but Zidane has proved that he has a huge impact on the team,” del Bosque was quoted by the portal AS.

At the moment the real world with 37 points ranked first in the Example, ahead of Barcelona by three points, at the same time, Butter has a game in hand.

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