Delayed but not defeated. What will happen to the SP-2 and Ukraine

Отложен, но не побежден. Что ждет СП-2 и Украину

Laying of the Nord stream gas pipeline-2 in the Gulf of Finland

On the way Nord stream-2 is Denmark, the European Commission and the United States. Merkel fails to convince everyone of its necessity.

The gas pipeline Nord stream-2 will probably be completed only in the second half of 2020, with a deviation of almost a year from the initial plan of Gazprom, said the project operator Nord Stream-2 AG. The stitching caused by the actions of Denmark, which requires lay the pipe on a different route.

In April, the EU Council agreed on a new gas Directive with more stringent requirements for the Nord stream-2. But, as stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, these rules will not be able to block the project. At the same time stressed that Germany will move to LNG, but now she needs Russian gas.

On the way Nord stream-2 also is Washington. The U.S. Senate has prepared a bill designed to thwart the construction of sanctions against vessels engaged in laying pipe on the bottom of the sea. At the moment the construction is halfway completed. Корреспондент.net tells details.


As Denmark disrupts the construction of the SP-2

On 17 may on the website of the Danish energy Agency published a report Nord Stream 2 ADZ, Kotormo States that zavershenie the construction of the Nord stream-2 can be postponed to the second half of 2020, if Denmark will require a change of route.

The report summarizes the applications for the construction of a pipeline at a third point in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark in the Baltic sea. About disrupting the timing of the previously written media, but the Russian authorities had instructed that all goes according to plan.

“The pipeline is currently underway in the German, Swedish and Finnish waters. It is planned that the pipeline system will be completed and ready for gas delivery in the second half of 2020,” the report reads.

Denmark is the only country Gazprom has not issued the construction permit on its territory. Germany, Sweden, Finland and Russia, such permission was given. But Denmark has said it wants to help Ukraine.

The first “Danish” route suggested that SP-2 will be held in the same place where SP-1, to the South of the island of Bornholm. The second – to the North-West of the island.

But Denmark has rejected these proposals and wants a third option – in the exclusive economic zone to the South-East of Bornholm. But this route requires environmental assessment, which will take about six months.

Отложен, но не побежден. Что ждет СП-2 и Украину



Then the Danish regulator will still be studying its results, which takes about three months. In this case, the controller is not connected to any formal deadlines for permission.

In Denmark a public hearing on the construction of Nord stream-2 at a third point will be held in June.


Merkel defends Zevotek-2, but promises to go for LNG

May 15, Merkel said that the European Commission will not be able to block construction of the pipeline because it is “approved”. Details about new gas Directive in the material To hand Ukraine: EU hampers Nord stream-2.

The head of the German government acknowledged that the new gas Directive contains the possibility to appeal against the implementation of the project Nord stream-2. But this rule will not be grounds for stopping it, I’m sure Merkel.

However, she stressed that Ukraine should remain a transit country, despite the new pipeline. The politician stressed that this is clearly stated Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Отложен, но не побежден. Что ждет СП-2 и Украину



According to the Chancellor, in the future Germany intends to diversify its gas supplies and will build storage for LNG. Now, however, it needs Nord stream-2 including on the background of reduction of gas imports from Norway and the Netherlands.

Merkel also explained the “respect for Eastern Europe,” promises the main candidate on a post of the head of the European Commission, Manfred Weber to do everything possible to block the Nord stream-2. Weber says that the project does not pursue the interests of the EU.


Gazprom will have to negotiate with Ukraine

Experts believe that the delay may return the Gazprom negotiations with Naftogaz on transit through the territory of Ukraine. The current contract for the transit ends in the year 2020, Moscow calls the conditions of Kiev is unacceptable.

As promised Naftogaz in late April, he filed to the European Commission complaint for anti-competitive actions of Gazprom.

Executive Director of the Ukrainian company Yuriy Vitrenko, said that the document contains a detailed analysis of how SP-2 will allow Russia to dominate the market and limit competition.

Vitrenko also said that Naftogaz is preparing a complaint to the Antimonopoly body of the EU with the requirement to oblige Gazprom to sell gas to European companies on the Eastern border of Ukraine.

The launch of the SP-2 was to replace the Ukrainian gas transport system to export to the EU, but due to construction delays, the Europeans will remain without 70 billion cubic meters of Russian gas if Gazprom does not agree with Naftogaz on the extension of the transit.

Save SP-2. Merkel is ready to buy gas from America

Consumers have to look for other energy suppliers, they may be the American producers of LNG, as does the President of the United States Donald trump.

On may 14 it became known that US senators have prepared a bill designed to impede the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2. The proposed sanctions to be imposed against European vessels which are laying the new pipeline.

“These vessels use technological know-how that have with Western energy companies, but not in Russia,” – said the senators working on the project.


As Russia promises to maintain the transit

As stated by the Russian side, the transit of gas through Ukraine will continue due to the growing demand in the EU. Only Russia supplies Europe with about 200 billion cubic meters of gas per year, 80 billion of them via Ukraine.

The design capacity of the Nord stream – 2 – 55 billion, the Turkish stream is 32.5 billion cubic meters. Russia predicts that by 2030 the EU will require an additional 100 billion cubic meters per year, and by 2040-mu – to $ 150 billion.


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