Democracy extends the life of scientists

Демократия продлевает жизнь – ученые

Scientists have found that democracy is good for health

Experts have learned that the countries that have chosen democracy, the life expectancy of residents has increased markedly.

American scientists claim that democracy has a positive effect on the health of the population and their life expectancy. Reported by the Guardian.

Experts analyzed information about more than 170 countries. They came to the conclusion that those in which democracy has been established over the last 50 years, increased life expectancy of citizens.

The study also shows that in these countries decreased the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, cirrhosis and accidents. Scientists emphasize that this effect gives not only the enrichment of the people. In their opinion, “free and fair elections play an important role in improving the health of the adult population.”

Earlier it was reported that was named one of the components of a happy relationship. Also the Correspondent wrote that the scientists found the only way to stop global warming.

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