Democratic elections are held when people do not trust the government, Rabinowitz

Only early elections can relieve tension in the society. This was stated in the program “who is Who Rabinowitz” on the channel “112 Ukraine” people’s Deputy and leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

The President made a statement that parliamentary elections will not be. At the same time, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy says that its sources in the presidential Administration say about the preparation for the election campaign.

On the question of whether early elections, Vadim Rabinovich said the following. “Every power that was in Ukraine why-that plans his life forever. As for democratic elections, which are put in any country where the people do not trust the government, I don’t know why they are so annoying power. We are ruled by those that trust in the country according to the most optimistic estimations, from 1 to 9%” – the voice data of sociological research the MP.

According to him, the appointment of foreigners in senior positions – is an example of the criminal activities of the authorities. “Set to lead the railroad pole Balcona. You can see why the tender for the locomotives won the Polish firm, and our factory where they are produced, not even in this contest? If not go to the polls, we’ll take it any longer? Re-election is not dependent upon one policy, they depend on the will of the people”, – said the leader of the party “For life”.

We will remind that Vadim Rabinovich calls on political forces to call early parliamentary elections.

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