Demographers recommend that every Ukrainian woman to give birth to four children

Демографы рекомендуют каждой украинке родить четырех детей

Media reported on the demographic crisis in Ukraine

To save the demographic situation in the country every woman should have at least four children.

To Ukrainians was again 52 million every woman in the country should give birth to four children – and that given the occupied territory, including Crimea. This is stated in the story TSN.

According to media reports, the Ukrainians should be again 52 million – a goal set in 2018 when government and introduced to achieve the program of birth rate and support families. However, it did not yield results, and in recent years the birth rate has decreased by 28 thousand babies, says the story.

Innovations in the package is a baby municipal baby-sitting, etc. has not led to a surge in the birth rate. During the years of independence Ukrainians have become 10 million less than 42 million. This loss is comparable to the population of such countries as Greece, Sweden or Portugal.

According to unofficial information, several million people are working abroad, therefore, Ukraine has about 35 million of the actual population. Some of them profess the ideology of childfree – voluntary rejection of the opportunity to have children.

Another component of the demographic problems of Ukraine – a decrease in the number of women of reproductive age. It’s the crisis of the 1990s, when the birth rate also plummeted.

“Their sheer numbers are less. And they therefore have more children” – says leading researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies of Pavlo Shevchuk. To 52 million once again become real, at least until the end of 2030 years, every woman should give birth to four children – and that given the occupied territory, including Crimea.

Recall, from January to August the number pattern of the population of Ukraine in the first eight months (January to August 2018) decreased by a 152.4 thousands.

Earlier it was reported that for seven months of the current year Ukraine’s population declined by 138,3 thousand persons, and for the last year Ukrainians became less on 198,1 thousand people.

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