Denisov: By the end of this season we lose 4 club

Денисов: По итогам нынешнего сезона мы теряем сразу 4 клуба

Alexander Denisov

Presenter, the Great football on channel Football 1, Alexander Denisov, told about the situation with certification of clubs.

“Two clubs in the Premier League, Metalist and Hoverla, to date, have not passed certification. Metalist amount of debt – about $ 25 million, in connection with which I have a bad feeling. Hoverla same within 10 days to pay off the liabilities in the amount of 2 million dollars, and with the rest of the players to achieve the signing of settlement agreements. And there are a number of players that after this incident I will not go to any global. The situation is critical.

Of course, that also did not get a license for next season metallurg Zaporizhzhya and Volyn. But they were all clear. Metalurg as a club no longer exists, and Volhynia, has repeatedly stated that leaving the Premier League, not even apply for certification

Thus, by the end of this season we lose 4 of the club, then the Premier League will have 2 teams, and we’ll see them in the Premier League. Look, whether it’s rehabilitation, or the disease will begin to manifest in other places – after all, we are talking about the fact that Dnipro’s problems.

On the first line of standings of the First League, Zirka, and it is more or less clear, she’s fine. Remains miner, Cherkassy Dnipro, Obolon-Brovar and Helios, between them there is a fierce fight. However, the Helios now also, they don’t come on the financial statements. The fact that they on the payroll of the salaries of players is 30 Euro, relatively speaking, a thousand hryvnia. We understand that this is unlikely to correspond to reality,” – said Denisov.

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