Denisov spoke about the treatment of liberated Russian prisoners

Денисова рассказала о лечении освобожденных из России заключенных

All released provided treatment

Severely ill Eden Bekirova had the surgery, after which he is in intensive care.

All released prisoners from Russia, Ukrainians receive medical treatment, in particular, severely ill Crimean Tatar activist Eden Bekirova on Tuesday, September 10, had surgery. About it in interview to TV channel Direct said the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova.

“Oleg (Sentsov – ed.) refused medical assistance, he, of course, passed the examination, but then said that he is healthy and wants in the hospital were his mother. And so it is: his mom is now in a Theophany,” said Denisov in an interview.

According to her, the other released from Russia, the Ukrainian prisoner journalist Roman Sushchenko is currently like medical examination.

“Today did a serious operation Bekirova. About an hour ago it ended and we pray that he has recovered,” added the Ombudsman.

Denisova said that the freed sailors are also currently in the hospital, where the medical examination.

She said that all freed from the Russian Ukrainians need medical evaluation and psychological support.

In turn, the daughter of Eleanor Eden Bekirova on the page in Facebookсообщила that her father was doing 5 hours, and now he is in intensive care.

“Yesterday, dad was transferred to the cardiology Department of the Theophany. Today he had a surgery that lasted five hours. Now he is in intensive care. Pray that everything went well!” – she wrote.

Eleanor Bekirova said that nine months in the dungeons of the prison were not lost on her father.

“This applies not only to health but also the psychological condition,” Bekir said, adding that it will work psychologist.

Earlier, Denisova reported that the state will buy housing four liberated from the Crimea.


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