Depay: sometimes I hate to stay in stock

Депай: иногда меня бесит оставаться в запасе

Memphis Depay

The transition of the Memphis DEPA in Manchester United gave the fans high expectations, but in the first season at old Trafford have a NAP

Memphis Depay stressed that he was unhappy first season at Manchester United, and assured that a good game will come with experience.

When crossing the Dutch winger got the t-shirt with the legendary number 7, and the transfer cost the Devils at 25.5 million pounds.

His first season as a United player ended with expulsion from the team for the match of FA Cup final against crystal Palace. However, Depay believes that he can reshape his position at the club and hopes that this will help him experience.

“This year was not bad and was not good. He was once again somewhere in the middle. I expect more from yourself, expect it, and the fans,” said Depay.

“For me it was something new to play in the Premier League, because the experience that I gained this season, very important.”

“I have to get used to the fact that sometimes when you make a mistake or not playing very well you might be on the bench. For me it is also a novelty,” continued the Dutchman.

“Last season I played and scored in every match, and now everything is 50/50. I played only half the matches. In some games I spent on the bench all 90 minutes, and it’s very hard. To be honest, sometimes it just pisses me off”.

“But I need to keep trying and believe in yourself. I’m still young, I’m only 22. My credo is “Dream, believe, achieve”. You should always believe, and I don’t want to give up at nothing,” concluded Depay.

It is possible that the arrival of Jose Mourinho the team will be Depay-needed boost in the career.

In the current season on account of the Dutchman 29 matches in the EPL, in which he scored 2 goals and gave 1 assist.

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