Deposit rates are not rising and the hryvnia falls. Now, how to earn on deposits?

Ставки по депозитам не растут, а курс гривны падает. Как теперь зарабатывать на депозитах?

Figure out how to squeeze out deposits maximum income despite the growing dollar exchange rate and inflation.

What happened?

The Deposit remains almost the only opportunity to protect your money from inflation and increase savings. But in 2018, banks will not increase interest rates on deposits, moreover, according to the forecast of the national Bank, inflation of the hryvnia this year will eat at 8.9%. Naturally, investors are looking for new ways to get from deposits as much income.

Comes to the aid of the “Bonus to Deposit”, which has set up a site about investments and the Finance “Ministry of Finance”. Its essence is simple: if before to bear money in Bank, to apply on the website then the client receives a bonus to 2% per annum of the Deposit amount and participates in the drawing of cash prizes.

Where are the bonuses? Who and why give them out?

Banks do not like to talk about it, but their business model laid the money on attracting new customers to the client, the financial institution need to spend money on advertising. If the Bank didn’t need to spend money on advertising, it could pay for deposits of more than a couple of percent per annum. The website “Ministry of Finance” has built a loyalty program for depositors. “Ministry of Finance” agrees with the banks that they will get customers without advertising costs, and the money saved will be given to the depositor.

Deposit bonuses are popular. For 6 months of 2018 clients who received a bonus from the “Ministry of Finance”, banks have brought in 0.5 billion hryvnia deposits.

How much money can you earn?

The size of the bonus tied to the amount of the Deposit differs from Bank to Bank. For example, investors OTP Bank can get 1.5% per annum in addition to the standard rate of the Bank. Clients of Universal Bank and Bank Forward to get 2% of the annual bonus.

Over the 4 years of the program “Bonus Deposit” “Ministry of Finance” to pay the Bank customers 6 million bonuses.

In which banks need to take a Deposit to receive the bonus?

Now bonuses you can get by placing a Deposit in one of eight banks:

  • Universal Bank
  • Globe
  • Concord
  • VTB Bank
  • Bank Forward
  • Kristalbank
  • OTP Bank
  • Alliance Bank

Customers Mono, posted the application through the “Ministry of Finance”, in October will compete for prizes at 12 000 UAH.

Investors even six large Ukrainian banks will compete for 14 cash prizes, and the winner will receive the Grand prize of 20,000 UAH. Here is a list of these banks:

  • Alpha Bank
  • VTB Bank
  • OTP Bank
  • Taskombank
  • Ukrgasbank
  • Ukreximbank

All banks that participate in the program are members of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals.

And you can get a bonus if the Deposit is in dollars?

Almost all listed banks have a bonus from 0.5% to 0.9% per annum for deposits in dollars and euros. Average interest rates on deposits in dollars do not exceed 3% per annum, so the increase of 0.5% per annum — is very noticeable.

To participate in the raffle you have enough money to place a Deposit in any currency.

To receive the bonus you need to strain?

The application for bonus is made on the website and the bonus money arrives in account in any Bank. So to get the bonus, no need to go anywhere.

The main thing that is required from the client to fill out on the website “Ministry of Finance” form with your name and telephone before you take the Deposit to the Bank. To fill out an application, when the money already in the Bank later, and this time it is important to track.

After placing the Deposit we need to return to the site “Ministry of Finance” and add the details of your Bank account to receive the bonus. All bonus interest will be credited to the account during the month, is to wait for the end of the period is not necessary.

I decided to Deposit bonus, where to start?

Go to the “Bonus Deposit”, select your Bank and fill out an application for a bonus. After that you will mail detailed instructions on the bonus, and consultants of the site takes you through all the simple steps.

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