Depositors of the two failed banks began to pay compensation

Вкладчикам двух обанкротившихся банков начали выплачивать компенсации

Depositors of the two banks begin to return the money

Funds to pay depositors, regardless of the date of termination of Bank account agreements.

The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) starting Tuesday, October 9, conducts payments to depositors of Alliance Bank and Prime Bank, the press service of the Fund.

In the DGF said that they spend the reimbursement of funds to depositors of financial institutions under contracts of Bank Deposit regardless of the date of completion and contracts of Bank accounts (including card accounts) in the range of 200 thousand UAH by means of the automated system of payments of the Fund.

Customers can receive their funds in branches of the following banks:

– PrivatBank;

– Idea Bank;

– PRAVEX Bank;

– Alfa-Bank;

– Kredobank;

– Ukrgasbank;


– TA;


– Bank of investments and savings;

– Universal Bank;

– Megabank.

A few weeks earlier, it was reported that in Ukraine there were two banks with capital shortage.

Also, the NBU reported that for the first time since 2014 in Ukraine, no Bank declared insolvent.

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