Deposits of amber are going to sell at auction

Месторождения янтаря намерены продавать на аукционах

The Ministry of environment is developing a system sale amber fields business

Environment Minister spoke about developments on the legalization of extraction of amber in Ukraine.

The Ministry of environment to naturenurture field of amber mining on the open auctions. About it on air of 112 Ukraine said environment Minister Ostap Semerak.

“We want to prepare a proposal for business, where you can get this amber and using open, transparent auctions to sell in accordance with the obligations to the company which bought, paid for an open auction with real money, had obligations the reclamation of these lands,” he said.

According to Semerak, it does not concern forests: “Indeed, in the woods of amber, is amber deposits, but there to extract amber – this means to cut the forest. Let’s not hurry to go to the forest to Yantar, as the open area where you can begin this work, and the answer to this question leads us to a total reform, which needs to be made in the sphere of subsoil use”.

The Minister noted that “when we are talking about amber, we need to talk about the depths of a whole, but for people amber clear. Amber actually has at least four components. This environmental component, and we as a Ministry should do. It is a criminal component, social component, because it works up to 10 thousand people. And the fourth component is the economic component of the fiscal”.

“Therefore, the solution to this problem should be comprehensive and strategic. Is the order of the Prime Minister, first Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv… that he built this entire component and started to work. My approach is clear that any use of the bowels should occur in a transparent, open environment. Today, we in the Ministry take information about known deposits of amber”, – said Semerak.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, the interior Ministry said that the mass production of amber in Rivne region was able to stop, however, the individual attempts to illegally extract amber still happen.