Depression can cause more than 20 dangerous diseases – scientists

Депрессия способна вызвать больше 20 опасных заболеваний – ученые

Depression is the cause of more than 20 dangerous diseases

The reason for 22 disease is a depressive disorder. Including asthma and heart disease.

Depression is the cause of 22 different diseases. This was stated by scientists of the Australian centre for accurate health at the University of South Australia.

Depressive disorder causes coronary heart disease, asthma, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, and disorders of the urinary system. To such conclusion experts came when reviewing the data from 337 536 people with genetic analysis (MR-PheWAS analysis).

To reduce the effects of depression, physicians are advised to pay great attention to nutrition, and generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they believe that comprehensive treatment allows faster time-to the person from psychological pit.

Earlier, scientists have found that eating fast food increases risk of depression by 40%. In addition, in the United States have learned to diagnose depression with a smartphone.

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