Deprive money. What the West wants from Ukraine?

Лишат денег. Что Запад хочет от Украины?

The requirements of the West towards the Ukrainian power all the concrete without creating an anti-corruption court according to European standards will not be money.

The creation of an anti-corruption court, a longtime demand of the West to Ukraine. But the Ukrainian authorities delayed the process, while in the Ukrainian Parliament “narrowly” does not appear presidential bill, which was immediately criticized by the West.

One week into the IMF, the world Bank and the EU have made it clear to the Ukrainian authorities – not the normal law on the anti-corruption court will not see the money.

The Claims Of The West

January 15 the head of the presidential Administration Igor rainin received a letter signed by the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine, Ron van Roden. A copy of the message delivered to the Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada.

The Fund demanded that President Petro Poroshenko to change the submitted bill to create an anti-corruption court “assumed obligations.”

The essence of the requirements of the IMF is to provide to the Public Council of international experts right to block the appointment of anti-corruption court judges, to which there is a claim, to allow this Council are not only representatives of international organizations and donors, i.e. IMF and others, not to delay the launch of the court, do not download the anti-corruption court for cases that are not under investigation NABOO.

Without fulfillment of these conditions the Fund’s engagement with Ukraine will not be.

The next day, 16 January, almost the same requirements for Ukraine has advanced and the world Bank. There has threatened Ukraine with a loss of $ 800 million of Bank guarantees.

In the presidential Administration, in turn, insist that their law is good, and the critical statements of International monetary Fund and the world Bank over the presidential draft law on Higher anti-corruption court contrary to the conclusions of the Venice Commission.

Bezviz in question

The European Union has also officially criticized in the address Bankova due to the fact that the President submitted a bill on the anti-corruption court, contrary to the promises of Kiev and the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

This is stated in a written comment on behalf of the press Secretary of the EU, which came in response to the query “European truth”.

In Brussels, reminded that the Ukrainian partners have repeatedly committed itself to the establishment of the court. “Creating a truly independent and effective anti-corruption court in Ukraine would be a vital step in the fight against corruption in the country… we Therefore welcome the filing of the bill (President)”, – stated in the commentary.

At the same time, the presidential bill, according to the EU, does not meet the obligations of Ukraine.

“Main provisions of the draft do not meet the recommendations of the Venice Commission. It is important that these questions were revised, and the EU carries this signal to the Ukrainian authorities,” – said in Brussels.

The EU representative stressed that the establishment of the court in accordance with the obligations of Ukraine it is also necessary to perform the terms of a visa-free regime. “Its creation… requires the European Commission in the framework of the monitoring mechanism of visa suspension, “–said in comments.

It is also noted that the EU coordinates its efforts with other international players: “the EU cooperates closely with the United States and the IMF in this matter, and of course ready to continue to work with the relevant Ukrainian authorities to support this process.”

Why our resistance

For the Ukrainian political elite, the establishment of an independent anti-corruption court smertepodobna. This means that the vertical NABU – SAP – corruption court will disappear, and will not be controlled by anyone in Ukraine. And thus guarantee the safety of assets acquired in various ways, no one can give neither the regime nor the opposition.

Not to be in such a situation, the policy was even willing to go on the termination of cooperation with the IMF. Although Ukraine has the Fund of more than $ 12 billion.

As a result, in political circles there is already talk say survive without the IMF, there is nothing to indicate how to live in the country. But the same thing we heard from the previous government before refusal to sign the Association Agreement. We all remember what then it ended.

“Of course, I also want Ukraine to be independent and move forward without assistance, but many of those now talking about it, and have other goals. They do not want reforms and changes, many want to get rid of the IMF, to preserve the current situation in favor of their personal interests,” admits Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.

Speaking about the continuation of the programs with the IMF, he noted that Ukraine is now “at a stage when reform is impossible, on the contrary, they should be accelerated”.

“Of course, an election year complicates things. But we have reached a certain pace of change, increased inertia, the speed of movement is important not to lose and to implement laws that have already been and those still to be taken. For this, the focus should not be on elections, but on reforms”, – said danyluk.

“We can’t afford to stop. But if we do, then the question of the continuation of the IMF program, we do not arise. If the reform is not, will not and program, everything is simple,” he said.

He also noted that the failure to obtain a single tranche in the current year and the departure of the IMF program – “synonyms, because the program ends in the first quarter of 2019”.