Deputies-millionaires in Parliament receive compensation for rent media

Депутаты-миллионеры получают в Раде компенсацию за аренду жилья – СМИ

For 20 thousand hryvnia per month receives 170 MPs, including 120 official millionaires.

Compensation from budget of Ukraine for receive rent 170 deputies, of whom 120 are the official millionaires, and at least 25 have housing in the capital and suburbs. This was stated by the authors of the program “Our money with Denys Bigus”.

The authors of the plot reminded that the monthly payment of 20 thousand hryvnias, according to their law, you can count MPs who have no housing in the capital and 30 kilometers around it.

However, among the beneficiaries, in addition to deputies with vast numbers of savings in the declarations, the journalists found the official owners of housing in the capital or the 30-km zone around Kiev.

Депутаты-миллионеры получают в Раде компенсацию за аренду жилья – СМИ



In the program the journalists give a number of examples of such deputies. So, according to them, 20 thousand of compensation per month for rental housing gets a former member of the Party of regions and now a member of the parliamentary group the will of the people Igor the Hammer, which, together with his family has declared 20 million savings and personally owns a country house in the village of romankiv in the suburbs of Kiev, and his wife recorded the capital apartment of 150 square meters.

Депутаты-миллионеры получают в Раде компенсацию за аренду жилья – СМИ

The manor of the people’s Deputy Igor Hammer

The Deputy from the popular front of Vladimir Squarely found the apartment in Kiev, acquired in mid-2016. According to him, since it continues to repair, so the MP is forced to rent housing and obtain compensation.

A member of the Opposition bloc, Dmitry Kolesnikov and his wife found two apartments of 250 sqm in the capital building near the National anti-corruption Bureau. The MP says he lives in Krivoy Rog, and in the meeting of the Council, travels to Kiev, where he lives at the hotel.

Another recipient of the compensation for the lease – ex-MP, now a member of the party of Revival of Eugene Heller, who owns a whole estate with its own Park in Kozyn near Kiev.

Депутаты-миллионеры получают в Раде компенсацию за аренду жилья – СМИ

The estate of Eugene Heller in Kozyn

The reporters found a group of beneficiaries where the estate has been in the family. Here one of the clearest examples called people’s Deputy from BPP Ruslan Demchak. Suburban house with swimming pool and Playground, used by the MP, written to his father, a former physical education teacher.

Депутаты-миллионеры получают в Раде компенсацию за аренду жилья – СМИ

A house with a swimming pool officially owns the former physical education teacher

The other recipient, the Deputy from the popular front and Maxim Polyakov decoy “amber case”, lives in a penthouse with an area of 227 sqm in the Metropolitan residential complex Crystal Park. Officially, the apartment belongs to my sister the people’s choice.

The relatives of Kiev apartments are recorded in other people’s choices: Vadim Nesterenko (PPB), Anton Kisse (Revival), Vitaly barvinenko (Revival), Stanislav Berezkin (parliamentary group of the people’s Will), Igor Brichenko (popular front) Alexander Dolzhenkov (Opposition bloc), Yuriy Odarchenko (Fatherland), Ivan Rybak (PPB), Vladislav sevryukova (PPB), Oleg Musiya (independent).

In the Parliament the situation is explained by the fact that the test of existence of real estate owned by the member or his family is provided for compensation with enough help from the hotel or from the lessor.

“All the MPs and certificates from the hotel or the owner for reporting on the expenditure of funds, and audits the Management of the Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada of the law on status of Deputy is not provided,” – said journalists the first Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada of Peter Bodnar.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Ukraine in relation to one of the deputies opened criminal proceedings on the fact of removing $ 20 million from the state Bank through abuse of position.

In Parliament, a growing number of deputies-truants

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