Deputy Director of the SCR: Charges NABU and SAP are based on fictitious data expertise

At the time of delivery of the suspicions of top managers of the Odessa port plant (OPZ) Surikovu Nikolai and Sergei Fracture NABU and SAP had no evidence of their guilt, in addition to these bogus examinations. About this on his page in Facebook said the first Deputy Director of the SCR Nicholas Surikov, writes “Commander in chief”.

He reported that on August 25 detectives NABOO gave him the Fracture of a request for extension of term of a pretrial investigation up to four months for a further examination. “The need to obtain additional insights of the judicial economic expertise due to the need to determine the type and size of harm caused a criminal offence,” said Surikov, quoting the petition.

According to him, NABU and SAP thus confirmed that all the allegations about the OPP, “is based on fictitious expertise of private firms.

Surikov also reminded that this examination was provided in court by the NAB and SAP as a proof of the validity of extended suspicion. “While the prosecution said that they and such examination will fit, because any courts they have “hook” and that within a month we will have an indictment,” said Deputy Director of the SCR.

Shchurikov stated that Pilipenko V. V., Director and founder of the audit company “Audit-Cone”, which would have the expertise to NABOO, has a direct relation to the withdrawal of money from Bank “Nadra”.

In addition, he is convinced that “NABU and SAP was used to disrupt the OPP privatization and the further reduction in the price of the plant (as stated in the SPF, and now the plant is $500 million and $250 million). And now, after the publicity in the media about the explicit and systematic disruption of privatization and reduction in the price of the plant, NABOO, knowing that someone will have to answer, frantically trying to somehow justify your tyranny,” writes Surikov.