Deputy Prosecutor General Dmytro Storozhuk: the amount of damage in the case of Wojciechowski is about UAH 200 million

Замгенпрокурора Дмитрий Сторожук: Размер ущерба по делу Войцеховского составляет около 200 млн грн

Fraud Wojciechowski caused damage for the sum about 200 million UAH. In an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the first Deputy Prosecutor General Dmytro Storozhuk. “Illegal activities by Wojciechowski observed since 2006. In these 10 years we have gathered a thousand volumes of cases. More than 40 episodes. In court, we sent the case on several counts – it is tax evasion in the amount of 12 million UAH, misappropriation, illegal construction. Within this production there were arrests as land and property businesses that he owned, and his personal property. The sum of the previously calculated losses other episodes of about 200 million UAH”.

In the future, will be sent to the court and other episodes. “You have to understand that this story – for years, and quick decisions will not be here,” said Storozhuk.

Regarding depositors of the Deputy Prosecutor General announced that the decision on the completion of construction will take the city. In addition, negotiations with companies Wojciechowski to the depositors received their money. But this only applies to those who have not been deceived. Besides these, there are still cases of fraud, when the same apartment was sold to three different people.

Recall that in July 2016 the Pechersk court arrested Wojciechowski for two months. He is accused of tax evasion 12.5 million UAH, creation of organized crime groups with the purpose of squatting on the land and the misappropriation of investors in the 2004-2016.

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