Deputy Yuri Birch asked not to interfere in the relationship between creditors and debtors

In connection with the appeared information about the fact that MP and one of the founders of the regiment of special purpose “Dnepr-1” Yuri Birch can act in defense of the “Corporation “agro-Soyuz”, the creditors appealed to the MP asking them not to interfere in the implementation of legal property rights and not to interfere in economic relations between the creditor and the company. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

As reported, the Dnipropetrovsk businessmen Sergey Prokaev Vladimir Khorishko, indebted to creditors 80 million to save their assets, attract private security companies and MPs.

According to the creditors, to protect the objects previously owned by a “Corporation “agro-Soyuz”, which as a result of court decisions became the property of a creditor for non-payment of nearly UAH 80 million of debt, may be a private security company OOO “Borisfen”, which some connect with the people’s Deputy Yuri Birch.

The creditors asked the MP to act within the law and not to take any action discrediting his business and political reputation.

Note that the 10 November 2016 the Supreme Administrative court of Ukraine adopted a decision which recognized the property right for industrial-warehouse complex of “Corporation “agro-Union” (SMT Anniversary, the Dnepropetrovsk area, more than 20 000 sq. m) for the lender.

In 2010, the business took under the personal guarantee of the loan in the amount of UAH 70 million. Production and warehouse premises of the “Corporation “agro the Alliance” acted as collateral on the loan. However, Sergei and Prokaev Vladimir Horishko has not repaid the loan, and according to the decision of the district court of Dnipropetrovsk region property recovered in favor of the lender. The economic court of Ivano-Frankivsk region opened a case on bankruptcy “of Corporation “agro Soyuz”, was appointed liquidator.

“Corporation “agro-Soyuz” is the biggest agricultural company owned by the Dnipropetrovsk businessmen Sergei Prokayeva and Vladimir Khorishko. The company specializiruetsya on the cultivation of crops, farming and for the Assembly of agricultural machinery, maintenance of dimensional transport. The company belongs to the Dnepropetrovsk millionaire Sergei Prokayeva (ex-husband Vlada Litovchenko) and Vladimir Khorishko.