Destroyer of myths. Popular tips Suprun

Разрушитель мифов. Популярные советы Супрун

Suprun gives advice about health and medicine

Uniform standards for the consumption of water a day can not be, because you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun regularly in your Facebook dispels common myths and gives advice on how to stay healthy.

Not all the teachings of the Minister of resonate with users. And according to a recent sociologicheskogo research Suprun was a politician, to which the Ukrainians are worse than others. Корреспондент.net recalls the most popular tips Suprun.


Eat ice cream for sore throat

If a sore throat, doctors usually recommend drinking plenty of warm fluids, gargle with salt solution and to avoid spicy and acidic foods.

“Unexpected, but you can add another option to reduce pain and to eat cold food,” wrote Suprun.

According to her, the cold ice-cream and frozen fruit juices work as an anaesthetic that helps to soothe inflammation and give temporary relief of pain.

“The cold stimulates vasoconstriction and tonsils, therefore, perpetuates inflammatory processes in the throat. In addition, when there is swelling in the throat, very hard to eat regular foods. A small serving of ice cream helps to reduce pain and facilitates the process of swallowing food”, – said Suprun.

She said that it is important to choose natural ice cream with a minimum amount of additives as chocolate pieces, nuts, raisins or other sugar ingredients can cause irritation. Or you can choose a fruit juice without any additives.

It is important to eat slowly, not swallowing large chunks, and then rinse the throat with water.


To walk with back pain

The most important thing with back pain is to maintain physical activity as possible and continue to exercise. According to statistics, the probability of a repeated attack of pain is about 30 percent. It a sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of relapse, says Suprun.

Before you begin any of the exercises, it is advised to determine the type of pain and recommended exercises to ease it.


VSD does not exist

Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system or neuro-circulatory dystonia is a large Soviet myth, which was born in the absence of access to a database of sources of evidence-based medicine, says Suprun.

“Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system may not be a disease in itself. It occurs secondarily as a consequence of another disease which should be treated. And it is impossible to identify, simply the diagnosis of VSD”, – she wrote.

According to her, symptoms that make the diagnosis of VSD can talk about several different diseases that must be discovered after a number of fundamental research

Thus, if the doctor the patient comes with these symptoms, or already been diagnosed of VSD, this means only one thing – it needs to doobsledovanie and find the real cause of the disease.

“List of additional methods of examination should include a General analysis of blood and urine, biochemical blood analysis, ECG, and sometimes daily monitoring of the ECG or Echocardiography, if necessary, ultrasonography of abdomen, chest x-ray, in some cases, brain MRI, consultation with a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist , neurologist, and if there is objectively no reason to believe the patient sick, and he continues to complain, is to send him on reception to the psychologist or psychiatrist,” – said Suprun.


How to drink alcohol

Suprun recalls that the existence of a safe dose of alcohol is a medical myth. It refers to a large-scale study based on analysis of data from 1990 to 2016, from 195 countries and territories 28 million people aged 15 to 95 years.

“Alcohol is the main cause of death and disability for people aged 15-49 years and the seventh cause for all age groups in the world”, – quotes the Minister the results of the study.

Suprun noted that in 2016 the world’s 2.8 million deaths were associated with alcohol use. The main causes of mortality triggered by alcohol include cardiovascular diseases, different cancers (breast, liver, intestine), liver cirrhosis, infectious disease, accident, injury.

“The greatest value of the average alcohol consumption among women was noted in Ukraine – 4.2 doses a day (one dose is 10 grams of ethanol) among men in Romania was 8.2 dose, the Ukrainian men – the fifth place and 7.0 dose per day respectively,” wrote the Minister.

She noted that in 2016 in Ukraine killed 25 thousand of women and 53 thousands of men for reasons associated with the use of alcohol, accounting for 8.5 percent of all deaths for women and 18 percent for men.

“The fact that the minimum alcohol consumption slightly reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease, it does not cover damage from other diseases in the long term. That is, all possible positive effects that contains alcohol, in the end, due to its harmful properties,” warned Suprun.


How to get rid of a hangover

The main cause of a hangover (headache, nausea, feeling dry mouth) is dehydration, so the morning is best to drink plenty of water.

“Hangover occurs because the main component of alcoholic beverages is ethanol is a toxic substance that affects the body as a diuretic (diuretic), and can therefore rapidly lead to dehydration,” she wrote.

To restore the normal water balance in the body it is best to drink a significant amount of water in the day before bedtime.

“Sweets will help you relax and to prevent jitter. However, it is worth remembering that in some cases it is better to first take the antacids (drugs that neutralize the acidity of gastric juice) to prevent digestive problems. Broth or thin soup with vegetables or cereals are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, so these dishes will help to restore the balance of the beneficial nutrients in the body. In addition, soups and broths are easily digested in the stomach,” – said the Minister.

She noted that alcoholic beverages are drunk the following morning, unable to mitigate a hangover.


How to survive in school rulers

Suprun called the school of the line “a relic of the Soviet tradition” and noted that in Western countries they are not, because it is harmful primarily from a medical point of view.

In any weather, Sunny or cloudy – the dangerous UV rays and their most active most often during the school lines.

Just 15 minutes under their direct radiation increases the risk of skin cancer and some visual impairments, says Suprun.

A school ruler is also not good for mental health.

“A crowd of strangers and even not entirely clear to cause the children stress, especially for the youngest pupils”, – says the Minister.


How to drink water

Water transports nutrients, removes from the body products of metabolism and lubricates the joints.

“Dehydration feels like dry mouth and fatigue, decreased attention and memory, even dizziness and mild headache. Sufficient intake of water daily helps to overcome chronic fatigue, stress, improves your body and your brain,” said Suprun.

There are no unified standards of drinking water per day, as the need for hydration depends on the temperature and humidity around, activity, physical condition and the food we consume, said Suprun.

The Minister said that in dry hot weather it is better to eat ice cream and drink hot tea which helps the body to sweat and lose heat.

Cold water is best to drink, if there is wet weather, and on the body a lot of clothes or for those who have problems with thermoregulation.

She also noted that the water can be drunk during meals – you should drink when you want.


How to become smarter

Sweet only temporarily improves the mood, makes the person sluggish. But the calorie restriction and the long runs make you smarter, says Suprun.

She reports that that the brain as an energy source can only eat glucose or created by the liver from fats ketones is the truth, “but this is not a license for sweets and fatty foods”.

Excess sweet quickly removed from the blood and the brain cells misses. Therefore, although sweet and fat food gives temporary pleasure, but in the end does not help. But make sluggish and sleepy.

“But calorie restriction and exercise as a “trigger” the brain. They contribute to the formation of so-called neurotrophic factor in the brain that promotes survival of neurons and their interactions – and thus learning and memory,” – explains the acting Minister.


Not to smear the burns sour cream

When the sun burn cream, sunflower oil, toothpaste or even ointment and cream on the fat content – very poor first aid, he wrote, acting Minister of health.

First aid for sunburn is to go to a cool place and cool burned parts with water or ice. If burned large areas of the body, you can take painkillers.

“It is strictly forbidden to treat the wound by means of on the fat content (oil), ointments on the greasy basis in the first 2-3 days, fat (goose, pork, badger, etc.); egg yolk; urine; alcohol solutions, and also solutions with dyes; toothpaste,” – said in the message.

“Was soaked in boiling water or touched a hot iron? In any case don’t run to the kitchen for vegetable oil, aloe leaves or sour cream,” said Suprun.


Dryers in the toilets are dangerous

The Minister noted that the results of recent studies have shown that hand dryers are very dangerous for health – they accumulate a variety of bacteria and microorganisms from air, and then release them back, including on clean hands.

Moreover, their number growing almost exponentially depending on how long the organism was under the air flow from the dryer.


Treatment Jogging

Physical activity – tablet from many diseases and the prevention of overweight, says Suprun.

Researchers who analyzed the lifestyles of more than 55 thousand people over 15 years have identified regular Jogging prolongs life of three years, the Minister said. The positive effect is achieved due to the fact that running gives for the heart cardio.

“Not necessarily to run long kilometers. The minimum helpful dose of physical activity will surprise you. Run for 5-10 minutes every day in the comfort of your own pace and this is going to work! However, if you can – run more,” says Suprun.

For people who regularly run the risk of death from heart attacks and strokes has decreased on 45% and premature mortality by 30 percent.


“Podvoroty” in the cold

To come on jeans in cold weather and to bare areas of the body can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and causes inflammation of the nerves, muscles, joints, which can trigger chronic diseases, says Suprun.

At freezing temperature it is important not to sweat, so it’s best to wear more than a few light sweaters instead of one very warm, to be able to remove one of them.

“Layering” clothing also retains additional heat. You should also avoid tight clothing and footwear to keep warm and avoid frostbite, gloves, hat, scarf and raised collar to protect exposed skin from the cold.

Suprun added that in this weather, you should avoid shoes that can get wet and metal jewelry.


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