Detained military of the Russian Federation more than reported – the lawyer Savchenko

Задержанных военных РФ больше, чем сообщают - адвокат Савченко

Erofeev and Aleksandrov is not the only Russian militaries detained during fighting in Ukraine

According to Ilya Novikov, Ukraine is better to publish data on all detained Russian military.

The lawyer Hopes Savchenko Ilya Novikov declares that, except Grushnikov the Russian Federation Evgeny Erofeev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov, there are other Russian servicemen, detained by the Ukrainian side in the fighting in the Donbass, but information about them is not published. He reported about it in interview “to 5 channel”.

The lawyer believes that Ukraine would be better to disclose this data, as it would increase pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin – “our empty, you write on t-shirts that you don’t throw – don’t throw, negotiate, do the exchange, so they can return home”.

“No such pressure, and that we complicate our business and reduce our ability to exchange”, – said Novikov.

The defender also stated that he has no right to comment on the decision of the Ukrainian court, which Erofeev and Aleksandrov were sentenced to 14 years behind bars, because now is not only Russian, but also Ukrainian lawyer.

“I was recently included in the unified register of advocates of Ukraine. I’m not allowed to talk on the subject of criminal proceedings in which I took no personal participation,” the lawyer explained.

According to him, the Ukrainian side agreed to exchange the two Russians convicted only on Nadiya Savchenko. Otherwise Erofeev and Alexandrov will remain to serve his sentence in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko will exchange prisoners in Ukraine Russian spetsnazovtsev Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev until the end of may.

Savchenko can exchange for the “package principle”

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