Deutsche Bank is willing to pay $7.2 bln US fine

Deutsche Bank готов заплатить $7,2 млрд штрафа США

Deutsche Bank

The U.S. justice Department requires Deutsche Bank 14 billion dollars for the removal of claims.

German Deutsche Bank is willing to pay $ 7.2 billion to the U.S. Department of justice in the case related to mortgage-backed bonds. This is stated in the message of the Bank, reports Reuters.

Called the Bank the amount is twice less than that which was initially requested by the U.S. justice Department in September of this year – 14 billion dollars.

Deutsche Bank is willing to pay 3.1 billion dollars in civil monetary penalties and 4.1 billion dollars – in favour of the victims, the losses of American customers.

It is noted that this figure is not final.

Earlier it was reported that Deutsche Bank for the first time in seven years, finished the year with a loss 6,772 billion euros against a profit a year earlier (1,691 billion euros).

Major U.S. banks have paid billions of dollars on business related to the introduction of investors in error concerning the quality of mortgage securities. The record became the Bank of America from $ 16.6 billion dollars

Deutsche Bank has already dealt with the accusations of law enforcement officers in the United States in relation to mortgage-backed securities and paid on this case in 2013 to $ 1.9 billion.

Deutsche Bank may partially leave the U.S. media

Banks are accused of that they produced derivatives on the basis of the mortgage liabilities of households and have positioned the bond is very secure, stimulating the bubble in the housing market. The American authorities have forced banks to pay fines or to compensate customers of the loss.