Developed a vaccine for Smoking

Разработана вакцина от курения

The new substance is able to remove all the nicotine from the human body without side effects.

Experts from the SCRIPPS Institute have created a vaccine from Smoking. The drug is able to control the synthesis of some proteins and to save people from nicotine addiction. About it reports Science Advances.

Microbiologists and chemists were able to synthesize the serum from Smoking. She passed the test on mice and the results showed that the drug is able to remove all nicotine from the body. While scientists say that there will be no side effects.

The mechanism of the enzyme NicA2 is that it decomposes and removes nicotine from the body before come withdrawal syndrome. The modified drug, tested on mice, increased its efficiency to cure nicotine addiction.

Before scientists from Florida called unexpected danger male smokers. Genes in their sperm cells susceptible to mutations that affect the mental abilities of the offspring.

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