Died created digital television mark Krivosheev

Умер создавший цифровое телевидение Марк Кривошеев

Died one of the founders of digital television

The scientist was one of the founders of modern television. At the time of his death he was 96 years old.

Soviet and Russian scientist mark Krivosheev, who is one of the founders of digital television, died on 97-m to year of life. This was announced on his Facebook page journalist Eduard Sagalaev.

“Just what I said. Died mark Krivosheev, he was 96 years old, he lived a colorful life, to the end retained a clear mind and enthusiasm of a true scientist and a wonderful man. Mark stood at the origins of the modern world of television, made an enormous contribution to the creation of digital technologies,” he said in his post.

It is known that Krivosheev was born in 1922 in Poltava. He studied at the Moscow Institute of communication engineers, and then was received in the Moscow television centre.

In 1948, he first brought on the air signals of TV standard 625 lines. He was also in the process of creating a TV that can support this standard.

Earlier it was reported that in 96 years died, Nobel prize winner in physics, Leon Max Lederman.

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