Saturday and Sunday April 14-15 in the heart of Podol, Kontraktova square rocked the festival KYIV DRIVE the DAY – a true celebration of bicycles and motor sports, outdoor activities and incredibly hot rock music.

Both days from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., the fest welcomed everyone, because the entrance was absolutely free. The weather also forced to endure the beautiful sun and the temperature is below 20 degrees made this weekend truly memorable!

On April 14 Jam FM listeners could hear live reports of Alexander Kaskina directly from the festival and also watch the video broadcast of the event on the page Jam FM Facebook, which was removed two drone.

The festival was divided into several areas – Energy Drive, Ducati, stunt riding, children’s area, Hot Wheels, melozone, the KTM area, Shell area, a food court and a stage from Jam FM! In accordance with its purpose, zone took interested viewers, and sometimes even competitors.

Yes, in the area of stunt riding three times a day true professionals of mototrola delighted the guests of the festival extreme show on a variety of motorcycles – from race track to small mopeds and scooters. Burning rubber, the roar of engines and the cheers of the crowd – all this is just about the area of stunt riding. Area Energy Drive, the partner of which was the karting center “need for speed”, on 14 and 15 April provided an opportunity for the viewers who have been pre-registered for free to drive karts on a special mini-track! Also, was the place to be a little competition among the drivers of the karts. In the area of official importer of Ducati has presented the latest novelties of the brand, which actually could see guests, and also conducted trial runs and a mini-drag racing among the motor-fans. And, by the way, the festival was a lot – a crowd of through one was full of people in leather jackets with helmets. Shell and KTM greeted the audience with their products. And ilosone from HEAD Bikes even made a pump track! Sunday, April 15, competitions were held in the pump track category: girls, bmx, mtb-and mtb hardtrail-dualsuspencion. Everyone cyclists can try their hand at the track and a little drive. Children’s the area has attracted a game learning the rules of the road from the patrol police in Kyiv, where the little ones could have fun be familiar with basic rules of behavior on the road. The court treated the guests with tasty street food and cold drinks, which are so wanted in this warm and Sunny weather.

Where do without the music at the festival? For the musical component of said scene from Jam FM with photozone for anyone who wanted rock-and-roll photos. Within two days, favorite driving Jam Mar Papic and Ivan Klochko actively engaged in the festival, conducted Raffles of various prizes for guests from young to old, and just cool travles in the atmosphere the roar of engines and the real rock music! Brighter scene Jam FM did performances of live bands. 14 APR made team ACCA, Arlett, Bila Vezha, KARNA and Kozak System. A variety of genres, the crowd of fans below the stage – all this fueled significant festival and pulled more spectators closer to the stage at a rock bomb! Yes, the festival came not telecomitalia and guests, but also real fans of the groups line-up! Headliners KARNA and Kozak System just ripped to shreds Controltovalidate – KARNA incredible Hutsul metal and even improvised “rope”, and Kozak System, real Ukrainian rock soldiers – their lyrically explosive choruses. April 15, scene fueled group chumatskyi Shliakh, Yukra, Violet, Veremii The Vyo. Even more drive and качf – even hotter songs, and more fans of real rock-n-roll! Headliners turned the festival into a real Grand final – Фіолетfamily, fans, listeners Veremii The Vyo just had fun, sang and danced under the stage. By the way, with each of the groups after the presentations, you can take a picture from the scene in photo zones Jam FM. The guests of the festival who were just interested in music and stayed to listen, even used Shazam in order to find unknown songs that they liked!

The whole event was also photographed by professional photographers, and official photos of the event can be found soon on the page Jam FM Facebook. Weekend was really driving and hot, and all thanks to Kyiv Drive Day and Jam FM!