Died ex-football player and coach of Dynamo Kiev

Умер экс-футболист и тренер киевского Динамо

Oleg Bazilevich died on 81-m to year of life

On Tuesday, October 16, in the 81st year of life died legendary coach and player of Kiev Dynamo Oleg Bazilevich.

Died legendary coach and player of Kiev Dynamo Oleg Bazilevich. He died on 81-m to year of life, according to community Friends Dynamo in Facebook.

Noted that on the death of former players became known at about 15:00. The legend of Ukrainian football died from a long illness.

“Today died Oleg Bazilevich – co-author of the training system of players who brought Dynamo Kiev to international fame. His name as a developer of techniques Dynamo was always in the shadow of the great Valeriy lobanovskyi. But his contribution was no less significant”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that almost the entire career path of Bazilevich was associated with the place of striker in FC Dynamo Kyiv. Among his successes – 53 goals in 161 in the championship of the USSR in the club.

After the download quit the game, the Dynamo invited the legendary football player to his headquarters where they together made up the legendary coaching tandem in Dynamo. It Bazilevich became the Creator of scientific laboratory of “white-blue”. The fruit of her work was the victory of Kiev in the Cup winners Cup 1974/1975 season and the UEFA super Cup the same year.

Bazilevich was also one of the first coaches in the history of the national team of Ukraine. On the post of coach of “yellow-blue” he spent a little less than two years.

Earlier Soviet and Russian scientist mark Krivosheev, who is one of the founders of digital television, died on 97-m to year of life.

It was also reported that on 74-m to year of life has died the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, former defense Minister and ex-Director of Aerospace Institute of National aviation University Valery Shmarov.

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