Diesel scandal: Daimler suspected of falsifying data

Дизельный скандал: Daimler подозревают в подтасовке данных

The company was able to forge data on the emissions of a million cars.

German carmaker Daimler allegedly manipulated data about the amount of harmful exhaust gases, more than a million cars. This was reported by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, as well as public-legal media companies WDR and NDR.

On cars, among which were different models of Mercedes, it is possible to install the engine, which deliberately underestimated the amount of harmful exhaust gases, said got into the disposal of journalists the text of the search warrant, issued by the district court of Stuttgart.

According to German media reports, Daimler from 2008 to 2016 was sold in Europe and the USA cars with unacceptably high levels of harmful emissions. Prosecutors investigating the case against two employees on suspicion that buyers were misled and cheated by using prohibited advertising. It is expected that a number of people working in Daimler, were their accomplices.

Recall that in late may, about 230 police officers and 23 officers from the Department raided 11 office buildings Daimler in Berlin, Baden-württemberg, Lower Saxony and Saxony. Police were looking for “evidence and data carriers” in connection with illegal advertising and “manipulated level of exhaust gases on diesel models Daimler”.

Recently it became known that in the framework of the “exhaust scandal” associated with the machinations of German automaker Volkswagen (VW), investigators began the investigation in relation to the Porsche, its subsidiaries.