Diesel scandal: investigation seized Porsche

Дизельный скандал: расследование захватило Porsche

Stuttgart prosecutors suggests that Porsche could also manipulate the data for processing exhaust gases.

In the framework of the “exhaust scandal” associated with the machinations of German automaker Volkswagen (VW), investigators began the investigation in relation to the Porsche, its subsidiaries. The Prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart said that investigative actions are conducted against an employee of Porsche, whose name was not called, and also another “daughter” of Volkswagen in the United States.

Pre-supposed that Porsche could also manipulate the data for processing exhaust gases, as well as to engage in false advertising. Additional information in the Prosecutor’s office did not provide.

The representatives of Porsche said it would accept the actions of the Prosecutor’s office seriously and will do everything possible for the case to be investigated quickly and fully. “Regardless of the current decisions of the Prosecutor Porsche and previously searched and found the opportunity to communicate with the Prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart. We are in contact with the investigation and support the investigation,” – said in a statement the automaker.

Porsche itself does not produce diesel engines, buying them from Audi, which is also a subsidiary of Volkswagen. Overall Porsche did not specializiruetsya on cars with diesel engines. The share of such cars in group “in all markets”, according to a representative of Porsche, does not exceed 16%, in Germany 36%.

We will remind, on June 22, it became known that the five former managers of Volkswagen advertised in the USA wanted in the investigation of oil companies.