DIM group updates the own brand

DIM group обновляет собственный бренд

October 10, 2018, Kiev – Development holding of a full cycle of the DIM group is new positioning, as well as an updated corporate logo and style.

Creative platform for the brand DIM has developed a branding Agency FEDORIV, logo and corporate style – the independent Ukrainian Agency Tough Slate Design.

“The new positioning of the DIM group is based on our desire to create a space where people want to live. In this we, as a developer of a full cycle, we see our mission. At the heart of our projects will be based on human need — the convenience, aesthetics, security and simplicity. The creation of each new residential complex we begin with a study of the needs of people, and then carefully choose technologies and materials with which we bring the project to life. This is our approach to development combined with the human needs and technologies. Team FEDORIV gave this exact marking TECHUMANITY succinct word”, – commented Alexander Nasikovsky, Managing partner of the DIM group.

“The previous logo DIM group despite its high awareness, did not reflect the essence of the brand in as much as we would like. Therefore, for the development of corporate identity, we have attracted one of the best branding agencies — Tough Slate Design. We needed not just a new logo with a set of elements and well thought-out and scalable system, and we are very pleased with the result,” – said Vladislav Wojciechowski, Director of marketing for the DIM group.

In the basis of the logo of the group of companies lies DIM square meter, which transformirovalsya in the house and in the city’s skyline. In logo design and corporate identity team Tough Slate Design has gone from adenoassociated images, and thus established freedom of Association. The new logo displays not only the mission of the DIM group, but also the ability of a development company to be modern and innovative. The logo has gained a strong trend shape that conforms to the latest trends in the field of visual communications.



Group of the companies DIM and development holding of a full cycle of providing services on designing and construction, selling and maintenance of the property. Part DIMgroupвходят construction and engineering-construction companies, architectural firms, manufacturer of window and door constructions, real estate Agency and management company. In this part of the holding company was formed in 2014. In the project developer’s portfolio of more than 1 000 000 m2 of real estate in Kiev and Kiev region at different stages of implementation (including designed by member companies, public spaces, shopping malls, logistics centers and other facilities).

The portfolio DIMgroupтри completed and successfully put into operation a residential complex – residential complex “Cathedral” (Brovary, Kyiv oblast), ZHK “the Family” (Brovary, Kyiv oblast) and an “Autograph” (Kiev, Ocheredi); at the stage of completion of construction and commissioning before the end of 2018 – RC “Autograph” (Kiev) and an “A52” (Kyiv); on construction of residential complex “metropolis” (commissioning of the first stage – the second quarter of 2020 Stage II – III quarter of 2021) and began construction of the LCD “New signings” (commissioning in the IV quarter, 2021).

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